mandag, januar 23, 2006

Besøg Asbjørn Lønvigs E-shop

Exhibition 7. A. - Jutlandic Days - e-shop selling my posters, silk-screen prints raise me up, christianity, essence of christianity, christ, asbjorn lonvig, lonvigocto-pus, cuttle fish, cuttlefish, venice, fairy tale, asbjorn lonvig, lonvigvia sacra, forum romanum, rome, italy, asbjorn lonvigfrederic, frederic the frog, frog, fairy tale, asbjorn lonvig, lonvigchrist, asbjorn lonvigBlue Sky, Guggenheim, New York, art to people acrylic on canvas. Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece on Fifth Avenue. Amazing how Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture is contemporary. In Chicago I saw several of his houses that looked as if they were built yesterday. One was from 1909. The very blue sky symbolizes divinity. Frank Lloyd Wright had a rare gift, sure. Divinity? By Asbjorn Lonvig.giraffe, giraff, blue spots, lange søren, tall charlie, asbjorn lonvig, cheese, cheese giraff, cheese giraffe

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